Case Study – 27 (H. Sabbagh D.C.)

This is a 55 y old white female who initially referred to my office complaint of severe pain in the low back extending to the left gluteal region of two months duration. Patient denied any trauma but reported heavy lifting during travel following which she experienced the current complaint. Patient also reported having experienced her first low back pain over 26 years ago which eventually subsided. Since that period and except for some minor issues she has been well until two months ago.

In regards to the current complaint patient has been prescribed well over 20 sessions of physiotherapy, 10 days of complete rest, water therapy, and medications including corticosteroid injection twice, with no long term results. She also had to discontinue the medication after 3 weeks due to stomach upset.

The main complaint at the moment of her initial examination was a relatively severe pain in the left gluteal region which is experienced during sitting, with increasing intensity to a point that she has to stand up or lay done. As the result she has been unable to sit more than 10 - 15 minutes. She also indicated having experienced this pain during extended period of standing (more than 10 minutes), or walking .....................

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