IRCA Webinar on correlation of advanced imaging finding with bio-mechanical dysfunctional states

فصلنامه زمستان 1401 انجمن علمی کایروپراکتیک ایران

8 پاسخ

  1. درود، سپاس و عرض ادب خدمت شما دوست گرامی و همکار عزیز م جناب آقای دکتر صباغ
    از زحمات بی مزد و منت شما کمال تشکر را دارم. برنامه شما مثل همیشه فوقالعاده بود، نوع انتخاب موضوع و ماتریال عالی بودند. آقای دکتر آل آقا عالی بودند. ایکاش میشد این برنامه‌ها روی سایت انجمن برای همیشه باشند تا ما گاهی مرروری بکنیم.
    موفق، سرافراز و سربلند باشی.
    دلم براتون خیلی تنگ شده.
    به امید دیدار.

    1. Dear Dr. Bonyadi
      I do appreciate your kind comment. At the moment there are limitations in regards to the period of time which webinars can be kept
      online, however we will try to resolve this issue in the future. Thank you for your participation.
      H. Sabbagh

  2. Thank you for the time and efforts put into this. The Webinar was very productive and relevant. Understanding the limitations of the web here
    with the speed of the internet and else it would have been great if we could see our friends and colleagues that we miss due to Covid 19 limitation .
    but nevertheless the webinar was excellent

  3. The concept of micro instability was presented in a very scientific context and the mri reviews were a first time to me. certainly hope to hear more
    about it in the near future The reviews by Dr
    Alagha where indeed a refresher

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