Case Study – 26 (H. Sabbagh D.C.)

This is a 65 years-old white male with initial presentation of a subacute onset of severe low back pain extending to the right gluteal region and posterior thigh. Patient had attempted to jump-start a vehicle a few days ahead, following which pain in the low back began and eventually increased in intensity effecting the right lower extremity.

Because of gradual alteration in the ambulation patient was examined by an orthopedic surgeon who prescribed rest, analgesic, corticosteroid injections, and muscle relaxant. 

Following this prescription and home rest, patient’s low back pain decreased; however, right extremity pain was exacerbated in addition to paresthesia and weakness. 

Following this and within a few days of the initial presentation, patient referred to my office.At that time, he had significant limitations in ambulation; difficulty in the heel walk on the involved side, diminished DTR, and right SLR at 35 deg, and left SLR at 45 degrees ......................

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