Case Study – 20 (H. Sabbagh D.C.)

  1. This is a 33 years-old white female who referred to my office with the chief complaint of a recent exacerbation of a chronic low back and left leg pain. She indicated having experienced these symptoms with variable intensity, for the past several years. During the past few months, the radicular pain involving the left lower extremity was significantly exacerbated following an exercise program. Despite the use of medication (more than four weeks), rests, physiotherapy, including laser, message, lumbo-sacral support, etc., there was little improvement in her symptoms, in-particular the radicular pain. Physical examination, MRI, and Plain Film studies revealed a chronic left S1 radiculitis due to a large L5-S1 central left herniation, complicated by a lower transitional segment, reversed curve, and an anteverted .................

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