Iranian Chiropractic Association
Iranian Chiropractic Association
Iranian Chiropractic Association

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Iranian Chiropractic Association (IRCA) is the only official Chiropractic association recognized by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education in Iran. The IRCA was established in 2004 and is currently the largest professional Chiropractic association in the Middle East region.
Even so the Chiropractic profession is a relatively recent addition to the Iranian health care system, it has nevertheless managed to play an important role in providing a unique conservative approach for the treatment of Neuro Bio-mechanical dysfunctions of the spinal column and its related structural pathology. Lack of specific and effective early management in the past, has led to variety of complicating neurological manifestations forcing costly and aggressive treatment procedures for the patient with often-questionable long term prognosis, and an unnecessary financial burden on the health care system. However; Chiropractic approach has always emphasized prevention, accuracy in diagnosis, evidence based treatment protocols, and a well-documented post treatment results comparison with long term follow ups. As the result, Chiropractic care has not only gained significant respect and acceptance by the general public, but it has also been more widely recognized by the medical establishment, in particular among the academic community.

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 (Hissing in the ears) January 12, 2021  By: Akbar Poorshafiee, D.C., Q.M.E. ABSTRACT Tinnitus is perception of sound (buzzing, hissing, ringing in the ears), without


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